2020 AGM

We hope you are keeping well in these most extraordinary times.

It is at around this time of year that we finalise venues and arrangements for our Annual General Meeting.
This year, due to the COVID-19 situation and the rules pertaining to social distancing, emergency legislation
has come into effect that allows us to hold a fully virtual AGM. The BECS Board have made the decision in
the interest of protecting the health and safety of our members and our staff to hold our AGM on 4th December online.

To ensure your voice is heard, we are facilitating the virtual AGM in the following ways:

• All members will receive proxy forms that need to be completed and received back by 10:00am on 4th November 2020. The proxy forms will be posted to all members in the UK and will also be available online on our website.

• All those who can join us online will need to register their attendance by completing a RSVP form. This form is available on our website or you can request this by emailing cs@becs.org.uk. Completed RSVP forms must be emailed to cs@becs.org.uk and received by 10:00am on 4th November 2020. This will allow us to make suitable arrangements depending on the number of participants. Each attendee will be provided login and password details a couple of days prior to the AGM to allow access to the meeting.

• You can submit your questions in advance by emailing cs@becs.org.uk. The deadline for submitting your questions is Monday 30th November 2020. Your questions will be summarised and grouped so that we can efficiently answer as many questions as possible during the allocated time. Please note that personal questions should be emailed to the office as normal and will not be addressed in the AGM forum.

Board elections this year will be completed online. All BECS members will receive an email with instructions on how to vote. If you would like to participate in the voting and have not yet registered a personal email address with us, please email cs@becs.org.uk by 10:00am on Monday 26th October.

Members of the BECS Board as well as staff and guests will also only join virtually. Sadly, this means we will be unable to offer our usual hospitality, informal access to BECS management or socializing with other members this time.

We are sorry for the strict measures we are taking, but our primary goal is to ensure your health and that of our employees, everyone’s families, and the wider community.


Notice of AGM

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