Graded Productions

If performers’ rights revenue from European sources is not already split between performers by the originating collecting society, BECS apportions performer shares according to time spent on screen and programme duration.  We watch individual productions to “grade” performances according to the importance of the character played. Performers’ rights are only paid to credited cast members.

Performers in ‘Film / Character’ productions are split into four grades:

  • Principal Performer (PP) Leading characters in a production around whom the story revolves.
  • Featured Performer (FP) Major characters who are integral to the storyline but secondary to the principals.
  • Secondary Performer (SP) Secondary characters who, whilst part of the storyline, do not have a focal role.
  • Cast Member (CM) All remaining characters on the cast list.

‘Ensemble’ productions where the majority of cast members have a similar amount of on-screen time are split into two grades:

  • Main Artist (MA) All members of the standing cast of an ensemble programme.
  • Cast Member (CM) Other performers in an ensemble production.

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