Supervisory Committee

This committee is appointed by the members to provide the supervisory function to monitor the activities and performance of the management team of BECS.  As per our Articles, the committee is made up of the Board of Directors, excluding the CEO.

Steve Kenis entered the entertainment industry with William Morris Agency (now WME) in Beverly Hills and was subsequently transferred to the company’s London office.  He was its Managing Director until 2000 when he set up his own agency which continues.

He is a member of the Personal Managers Association and serves on its Council which chose him to be its representative on the board of BECS.  He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and BAFTA.

Freddie Pyne was involved with BECS from day one. As Equity President at the time BECS was set up, he has fought hard to help ensure performers get their just dues via national or international agreements.  

As a performer he worked many years in repertory companies and for four years at the National Theatre under Laurence Olivier’s stewardship.  He has also worked in several television shows over the years with the most notable being The Three Princes, Talking to a Stranger, Justice and Emmerdale Farm (a 17 years’ run on the latter).

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