Why become a Member? 

Some statutory rights are only able to be asserted on a collective basis through a CMO. Individual members may therefore find it impossible (or difficult) to directly access monies arising from these statutory rights, especially from overseas. By acting on behalf of a large group of performers, BECS can enter into agreements which ensure that monies which might otherwise not be identified as due are collected and paid out to performers. The more performers join BECS as members, the more it will strengthen BECS’ position to get the best collections for UK performers and keep costs down through administrative savings.

Who can join as a Member? 

Members need to be either:

  • A Performer where at least one of their performances has been, or is reasonably expected to be, broadcast or recorded and fixed for subsequent visual or audio-visual use, or
  • A Performer Heir of such a Performer as defined in the BECS Constitution.

Are you a member of another Collecting Society?

Different collecting societies administer different rights. If you are already a member of a foreign collecting society you can still apply for BECS’ membership and assign rights to BECS that have not already been mandated to another CMO, either relating to the type of right (e.g. audio visual vs audio) or the region it relates to.

Please note it is important that you do not mandate the same rights to more than one CMO. Mandate conflicts will arise where you have signed a worldwide or regional mandate for the same rights with multiple CMOs. This could result in monies being held up at the originating society.

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